Eagle Vail Community Garden

Growing food and community organically!

About Us 03/20/2014

 The EagleVail Community Garden would like to thank EagleVail Metro and EagleVail Homeowners’ Association boards for allowing us to use the garden site. This amazing project could not happen without their generous support.


What Is a Community Garden?

A community garden is any piece of land gardened by a group of people. It can be urban, suburban, or rural. It can be one communal plot or  many individual plots. It can be at a school or hospital, or in a neighborhood. A community garden provides a place for people to grow nutritious, organic food —especially for those who don’t have a garden space of their own. A community garden also brings people together, creating a greater sense of community.

Eagle Vail Community Garden Mission

The Eagle Vail Community Garden is an organic garden where we grow healthy food, create beauty, nurture relationships among young and old, create educational opportunities, connect people to the environment and their food source, and foster a more sustainable community.

Our Vision

The vision of the EagleVail Community Garden is not only to provide a space for neighbors to grow their own food, but to create a space where community members gather to meet one another and enjoy the outdoors. We envision the EagleVail Community Garden as a venue for education, where individuals, families and children can gain practical information about how to grow vegetables, herbs, and flowers at high altitude.

Our Garden Layout

Our garden site contains a number of different areas for individual, communal and corporate gardening and for education:

  • Sixty 4 foot by 8 foot - individual raised beds that people lease for a nominal fee
  • Twelve 4 foot by 16 foot -  “corporate” raised beds where businesses, like restaurants, grow produce and support the community garden.
  • Several  communal growing areas that provide opportunities for neighbors to volunteer in the garden, sharing in the work and sharing in the harvest, without having to commit to an individual raised bed.
  • Areas dedicated to education and demonstration, where we can host workshops to teach people, especially children, the A to Z of gardening, from extending the seasons, to soil amendment to seed placement and natural pest control.
  • A picnic and barbecue area where gardeners and the rest of the community can gather and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

For more information you can download our Bylaws and our Rules and Regulations.  If having a garden plot sounds like an idea you can get behind, download our EagleVail Community Garden Application form.


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