Garden Plots

One way to get involved is to lease a plot for the season. We offer a total of thirty-two 4’x16′ plots which you can garden yourself or share with a friend.

2023 Garden Plots will open up next Spring!

To reserve your plotplease use this online application.

Individual Plots

The garden has 32 individual 4 feet by 16 feet raised beds, which are leased for $200 per year plus a $25.00 clean up deposit. If you would like to apply for a plot for 2022, please complete the registration above and mail a check for $225  (made out to EagleVail Community Garden) to PO Box 7201, Avon, CO 81620 or Venmo to @EagleVailCG.  Preference is given to Eagle Vail residents, but there are often plots left over for non-residents, who are also welcome. Plots are assigned on a first come, first served basis.

The goals of the garden are as follows:

  • To bring people together in the garden
  • To promote collaboration in producing healthy food
  • To teach people about gardening: e.g., the role of soil, water, and nutrients; organic growing techniques; high-altitude gardening
  • To expand people’s knowledge of interesting or unusual vegetables
  • To involve children in growing food
  • To instill a sense of responsibility in those caring for the adopted bed
  • To teach people how to harvest, clean, and cook the veggies grown

Terms & Expectations:

  • Beds are only assigned for 1 year at a time – they do not automatically carry over each year.
  • Each year, all plots will be entered into the application pool for reassignment.
  • The individuals responsible for the bed must (1) participate in regular garden operations and adhere to the garden bylaws and rules and regulations, (2) provide financial resources for plot fees and seeds, (3) communicate plans and updates to the Garden Committee, and (4) submit a plot report—activities held, successes, challenges, and so on—to the Garden Committee by October 15.

2 thoughts on “Garden Plots

  1. Hello! We are moving to the area June 1st and would love a plot if any are still available! We will live across the street and my 1 year old son would LOVE to plant and help water!

    • Maddie

      Sorry that no one responded – the website has been neglected for sometime. Would you be like to be informed when registration is opening up for this season?

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