Garden Tasks

Each plot holder of the Eagle Vail Community Garden is required to give a minimum of 2 hours of time per month to the communal aspects of the garden. Here are some ways to fulfill that commitment.


You can fulfill your volunteer commitment to the garden by taking on a garden role for the season. In addition to the volunteer opportunities listed under “Volunteer Commitment,” garden members fill the following roles:

  • Media Helper: Help communications coordinator by sending out e-blasts to garden and community members, posting e-blasts and other information on Face Book, and writing and sending out press releases
  • Event Coordinators : Summer Potluck (June 21), Harvest Dinner (T.B.D.), Chili Cookoff (October 18)
    • Organize the event, along with the help of event helpers
  • Event Helpers (4-8 per event)
    • Help out with any or all of the following: planning the event, setting up before the event, taking down and cleaning up after the event
  • Bulletin Board Caretaker (position filled)
    • Amend and add information, as necessary, to the bulletin board
  • Compost Caretakers (3-6 persons:)
    • Attend a one-hour intensive training on community garden compost care
    • Stir compost weekly (schedule will be created)
    • While in the garden, educate gardeners on how to use the compost when needed
    • Ensure that compost is being used appropriately
  • Produce for Pantries (P4P) collectors (3-4 persons): For ONE WEEK each month during July, August and September, you will:
    • Set time and day when food will be collected and taken to Salvation Army
    • Deliver designated donation box to Salvation Army in Avon twice during your designated week
    • Help to spread the word on what can be donated and how
    • Keep an eye on plots that have produce about to expire and contact plot owners about harvesting and donating it
    • Be the contact for people who want to contribute but cannot do it on the designated days

If you are interested in filling any of these roles, contact us at or call Mary at (970) 445-0749 for more details.


Water (But don’t overwater! Check the moisture meters.)

  • Hugelkultur bed (big mound by the parking lot)
  • Strawberry bed
  • “Log” beds around the front entrance
  • Spiral herb garden
  • Squash bed
  • Hops along the fence
  • Pea bed along fence


  • Tighten hoses at the faucets
  • Rewind hoses that are poorly wound
  • Clean up and organize shed
  • Pick up and remove trash (trash bags in shed)
  • Tighten screws on sprayer nozzles (screwdriver in shed)


  • Hops bed inside the front fence
  • Front entry gardens
  • Pathways between raised beds
  • Squash and strawberry beds
  • Spiral herb garden
  • Under rocks bordering parking lot

Questions? Email us at

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