Garden Rules and Regulations

Members of the EagleVail Community Garden agree to the following:

  1. Plots — Individual plots will be assigned with a priority to those who live in EagleVail and in order of requests. EagleVail non-residents will be given priority if they serve on the Garden Committee or other volunteer committees. Nonresident preference is at the Garden Committee’s discretion. One plot per household is allowed. More than one household may share a plot. The plot fee is $200 for a full plot and is collected with the application and is used to help cover garden expenses. Once the plot is assigned, the fee is non-refundable.

If an individual needs to abandon a plot for any reason, the member is to contact the Garden Committee. Plots cannot be sublet or passed on to another person without the approval of the Garden Committee executive. Every assigned plot must be planted by July 1. Any plots not planted by July 1 shall be reassigned to another applicant without refunding the original applicant. The Garden Committee reserves the right to assign sponsorship plots for fundraising purposes.

  1. Operation — The garden will operate from sunup to sundown, seven days a week. Children in the garden are encouraged to play in the areas set up for their use and to experience the many aspects of community gardening. However, members must take full responsibility for all children brought into the garden, ensuring that they play safely, do not take anything from any plot that is not their own, and treat all communal areas with care. Pets are not allowed within the garden fence. Gardeners will respect other gardeners and neighbors by not picking produce from other plots. Smoking is not allowed in the gardens.
  1. Plot Maintenance – Gardeners will maintain their individual plot, adjacent walkways, communal plots, and compost area. Plots and adjacent areas must be kept free of trash, weeds, dead plants and debris. Erecting a terrace or other structure for vertical plantings is permitted, but the Garden Committee reserves the right to request the removal of structures that are deemed unsightly or receive complaints. If a plot is unkempt, the gardener will be given one week’s notice to clean it. At that time, it may be reassigned or tilled in. Gardeners are expected to pack out anything that they bring in. There is no trash collection in the garden. Plots are to be maintained throughout the summer beginning May 15 and be fully cleaned by October 15.
  1. Practices — Gardeners will follow organic gardening practices. No pesticides, herbicides or non-organic fertilizers may be used in the garden. Water conservation practices are to be used. Be sure the water is turned off when done using it. Individual irrigation systems are prohibited: nothing may be attached to the water faucets except for the garden hoses provided. Growing or using illegal substances in the garden will lead to immediate expulsion with no return of the plot fee.
  1. Involvement and Volunteering – Gardeners are required to volunteer a minimum of 8 hours a season toward maintenance of garden infrastructure and communal areas, and projects set for specific workdays. Those who have not contributed at least 10 hours will lose their right to renew their plot for the following season. We will still be offering the option to buy half of your time at the cost of $10/hour ($50).
  1. Liability – Garden members agree to hold harmless the EagleVail Community Garden Committee, officers, volunteers, sponsors of the garden, the Eagle Valley Alliance for Sustainability and the owners of the land for any liability, damage, loss, injury or claim that occurs in connection with the use of the garden by themselves or any of their guests.

Rules and Regulations are subject to change.

Any questions, please contact EagleVail Community Garden Committee at


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